Forms will download as a .docx file and a .pdf file. This will allow you to customize the forms you would like; just add your name and logo. Once your payment has processed, you will receive an email with the download link.

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Covid 19 Legal Forms for a Massage Therapy Practice

  • About This Product

    Covid Legal Forms for Massage Therapists

    Save Money on Legal Fees!

    This is a critical time to protect yourself and your practice with the proper legal forms. These forms were all written by a licensed attorney to give you the piece of mind you need to open and run your practice during the pandemic. This kit includes:

    Staff Members Reporting to Work Form - Use this form to gather and document important information about each staff member at the beginning of their shift. Keep this form on file once completed for each shift worked.

    Consent for Treatment Form - Consent for treatment is the principle that a person must give their permission before they receive any type of treatment. This is important now for clients to give written consent during the pandemic to recognize the risks. 

    Waiver and Release of Liability Form - A liability release can be used to waive a claim for damages that have occurred. It can also be used to waive any future claims for injuries or damage. 

    Health Information Form - Use this form to gather and document important information about clients before each service; including temperature, symptoms, conditions, etc. It includes informed consent information about a decision to receive services in light of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

    Written Protocol for Disinfecting Treatment Rooms - Post this protocol outside each treatment room as a guide for employees to follow.