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Forms will download as a .docx file and a .pdf file. This will allow you to customize the forms you would like; just add your name and logo. Once your payment has processed, you will receive an email with the download link.

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Client Exercises for Life Coaching

  • About This Product

    Need more tools to use in your practice? This workbook is full of 20 different exercises to help your clients move forward in life and break through the barriers holding them back. This workbook includes the following exercises:

    • Gratitude Practice: Three Good Things 
    • Best Possible Self
    • Mindful Breathing Practice 
    • Body Scan Meditation
    •  Loving Kindness Meditation
    • Noticing Nature
    • Awe Walk
    • Self-Compassionate Letter 
    • Forgiveness Exercise 
    • Understanding Emotions
    • Random Acts of Kindness Exercise
    • Connecting with Others Using Active Listening 
    • Gaining Confidence
    • Gratitude Letter & Visit 
    • Counteracting Stress
    • Visualize Your Success 
    • Circle of Excellence
    • Pleasure and Pain 
    • GROW Exercise
    • Deleting Negative Self-Talk